Monday, May 22, 2006

thoughts on poets and poetry

My good friend Golda sent this to me in response to my invitation to join this blog-group. I think she explains very well why the idea of this group appeals to me, and you.
i have been reading poems and all the while i have wondered to myself where the genius springs from?

is there some fountain that i know nothing about? is there some magic collection of words that make music jump from a page with its own rhythm and reason for being...i want in on that world please...

these are not the pleas of a crazy woman, but rather an ardent request to be let into the club of poets who write with such conviction every feeling i have ever felt in my short life so far...shakespeare, cummings, jonker...and there are so many more, but i thank you for writing so that i can truly know how it is that i feel inside...poets have helped me to describe the massive expanse that is my soul and every day i find a new way to tell the world that i exist and that i matter, because i read one more poem which shows me...


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