Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Well-spoken man...

(this will probably make absolutely no sense to the majority of people but I know some of you know the feeling - and it's not for anyone in particular, it's about the phenomenon!)

Begin, a little humour,
slowly reel them in,
then laying out your structure
gentle ease on, to begin.
Begin with your rebuttal,
tearing strips, always polite.
Give your argument a title,
always subtle, always right.
With a deft and clever wordplay,
bring your first to a close
but be humble, yet to win the day,
no time to strike a pose…
Follow swifly, two more arguments,
each more lovely than the last,
like an expert going in to fence.
Then summation, hard and fast.

As you walk away to sit down,
your audiences awash,
poet, statemen, wise one, clown,
with just a little dash…
Adjudicators flushed
Audience breathes deep
Nothing quite so sexy
as a Man who can Speak.