Wednesday, December 19, 2007



It's hard.

No. Hard won't do.

Magic burns.
It pulls you out from inside.
It rips your dreams to pieces.
It makes every moment seem like a price.
You lose heart.
You lose faith.
You lose eyes.

And then...

You do it all over again.

People think magic is an answer. It isn't.
It's a means.
The most difficult means.

People think magic is a cure.
It's not.
It's the medicine.
Strong and dark and bitter.

People think magic makes it all go away.
It doesn't.
It makes it all come back.
Every heart-bloodying,

It will make you cry,
It will make you bleed,
It will make you scream,
and that will be the easy part.


It's violent,
and bloody,
and painful.


most of all...

without a doubt...

beyond imagining...

Worth it.