Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Gleetings from the Gloaming

I appear to be here too, now. I have no new poetry, but here's a little one I wrote when I was in my first year. I used to be sure it was about someone I was in love with, but I think it might actually be about my sister.

"Asleep, you are curled like a question mark.
I want to be the only answer you'll ever need."

Ja. It's simple as all hell, but I laaaaaaaik it.


like blood,
or beauty.
a hood of satin
(they never tell you that in the stories)
a hood of desire.

the danger is not their teeth.
it's their words,
their eyes,
green, bright lights in a forests,
like will o' the wisps
leading you onwards

like beauty,
like joy,
the magic of a wolf's words.

safe, and quiet.

entirely ordinary.

"stay on the path"

Give me that forest floor.
Give me that dappled shade.
Give me the wild running.
Give me the red satin.

Friday, October 06, 2006


I saw him across a room, nothing new.
Yet when I looked this time something had changed.
Either he or I were not the same, but something had changed.
Either he or I were still the same, but something had changed.

I stood and looked to find a difference.
I stared, I watched, I waited.
In that moment we joined souls to be one.
In that moment he was mine and I his.
In that moment I saw the change was a simple one.
A quick shift in light, too slight to notice but still there.
I saw him and he saw me and together we saw a future none can render true or false.

(let me know what you think girls...and boys...mwa*)